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Highly recommended for Pregnant Ladies, Babies and for those suffering from Asthma, Allergy, Eczema, Psoriasis, Sinusitis, Poor Sleep, Headache, Frustration, Itchy Red Eyes, Early Morning Sneezing and Dermatitis.

Home Sanitizing Services

Sanitair Services is one of the most advanced home sanitizing services in Bangalore and first of its kind in India. Sanitair ensures pests like dust-mites, bed bugs, silver fish, bacteria and other allergens can be purged from deep within the mattress, sofa, carpet, blanket, pillow, chairs, curtains, screens, car interiors without the use of any harmful chemicals, or fumes. Sanitizing ensures more durability through its service. sofa cleaning services in Bangalore and carpet cleaning services in Bangalore started in 2010.

Sani-Cleaning Services
Home Service
sofa cleaning bangalore
Sofa cleaning services bangalore
Advantages with Sani-Cleaning Services

The average mattress contains millions of dust mites producing a substance called Guanine which is a potent allergen and a perfect environment for other microorganisms. This makes from your bed the unhealthiest.

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Make your home free of dust and allergens

Dust and dust mites are major health hazards in most houses in Bangalore. Sanitizing kills and removes allergens that trigger • asthma • eczema • psoriasis • sinusitis • poor sleep • headaches • frustration • depression • itchy red eyes • fatigue • morning sneezing and dermatitis.

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